About Captain Davy’s Coffee Roasters

Captain Davy sails the seas searching for the most flavorful Arabica coffee beans from around the world. All of our coffees are Certified Organic, most are Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance. Roasted with premium Diedrich IR roasters, only about 2% of the coffee in the world is roasted with IR roasters. Once you taste the way this gentle method brings out the many flavors and complexities of the bean without stomach acidity, you’ll soon be disappointed with coffee by any other roasting method. Captain Davy roasts to a profile, determined during cupping, for each lot of beans to elicit the best flavors they have to offer. Roasting just to the color of the bean will not bring out the full flavor potential of the beans says Captain Davy.

We are a micro-batch roaster which means each batch is carefully crafted by our Roastmaster to your instructions and comes to you straight from the roaster. You will get the freshest, best-tasting coffee around. Fresh roasted coffee beans need to age for 2-3 days while the CO2 escapes before optimal flavor. We ship in special bags with oneway valves to allow the CO2 to escape, while not letting any outside odors in.


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